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We already know what is Google Plus. It is one of the best social networks after Facebook. We already see lots of celebrity( FXDNJV5CCD54), tech giants & online activists open Fan page in Google plus. Recently there is a good news for all Bangladeshi fans who use Google plus. Now Google authority officially opened Bangladesh Fan page in Google Plus.

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Google analytics is the best place to monitor your site, track your audience – new visitors, old visitors, visitors’ trend etc. It also shows traffic source overview – Search Traffic, Referral Traffic, Direct Traffic. You can also see content overview – Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Avg. Time on Page, Bounce Rate.

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At present, Google plus & Facebook are two giant social networks. But still there are lots of difference in both these networks. We know that when you add any article in Google plus, it quickly index in Google Search Engine. Today I share a post by which you can measure your profile popularity of Google Plus & check your Google Plus profile statistics too.

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The new social network Google Plus is going to be popular day by day. It is adding new features at a regular basis. The last feature is definitely Google Plus Page. I already published an article on How to create Google Plus Page & How to add Google Plus Page badge in your website. But after creating a Google Plus Page, if you think it is useless you can delete it easily.

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Internet chatting is one of the famous options to pass leisure time. I guess every net user chat once in his life. He can’t deny it. Now a days there are lots of social network sites – Facebook, Google Plus, Cafeyard etc. Also you can chat in yahoo messenger, Google talk etc. If you chat regularly, you’ll know chat has an unique language. By chat language, you write little word but the meaning will be elaborate.


This chat language is generally used to chat quickly. This chat language has special word. We can call it Chat symbols. To chat confidently, one must know the chat symbol. Suppose, you are chatting in a group. Here you need to chat with different country people. The chat symbol are same for all countries. So by using the chat symbols you can save both time & writing. A smart net user must have this quality.

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