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Ramzan is the most holy month for Muslims. Last few days I shared some best Android apps to observe the holy month – ramazan for example, Al-Moazin Lite – Best Prayer Time Android App For MuslimsSalatuk Prayer Time – Best Android App For Muslim etc. On this holy month, Bangladesh android app production “Mobio App” build an Islamic application – Salat Ramadan Masjid.

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IELTS means International English Language Testing System. If we want to go abroad for higher study we must get 6.00 in IELTS. It tests English proficiency. IELTS tests has international format. It generally held over 900 centers worldwide. Mainly IELTS combines with 4 skills – Reading, listening, writing and speaking.

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Android app popularity are increasing regularly as we know lots of people are using smartphone. So it is easy to carry android app & use them when needed. We regularly need to convert from one unit to another. For example, someone asked 1 kg = ? Pound or 1 sq. meter = ? Square feet. You need to think but if you don’t know the answer you can’t reply. But no more worry.

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