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After a big announcement of the length of the tweets from 140 characters to 280 characters, Twitter expands name upto 50 character long. It’s a huge revolution in microblogging site Twitter. Previously, we can add only 20 characters as display name. Lots of people criticize about this issue. So from now on we don’t need no more abbreviations!

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Are you fan of FM Radio? Bangla Tune App is the new introduction with the convenience of listening to different FM Radio of Bangladesh and worldwide. It will also help to listen to various online radio along with FM radio. There are records of radio programs, channel changes, breaking news, latest cricket news, event schedules & more.

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iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones along with Samsung, Huawei, Motorola etc. iPhone developed & designed by Apple Inc. Steve Jobs is the chief executive and co-founder of US technology-Apple. He died on 5th Oct 2011.  To remember his great work, the first Memorial Statue of Steve Jobs is revealed in Budapest, Hungary.  

Hey guys, have you ever imagined what your face will look like after 10 years, 15 years or even at old age? I guess you never think so. Or have you ever imagine what you’ll look like as a boy although you are a girl & what you’ll look like as a girl although you are a boy. All these transformations will be seen in a single app- Face App.

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Sweet Selfie Camera App is a perfect app for taking selfies. You can easily add beauty to your look with this app. Here are tons of filters to make your selfie as beauty King & Queen. It will give innovative look. I already uploaded some famous apps to make your picture more stylish & lucrative in a moment – Microsoft Selfie Photo Editing App, Scan Old photograph to make your old photo back life again, Edit Facebook & Twitter picture with Pizap

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Android devices have taken away the Smartphone market by storm in the last few years, simply because of its unique feature of being an open-interface OS, which enables multiple applications to be used on Android devices.  In today’s lives, having more and applications at your fingertip to deal with your work and fun activities means a lot (literally the most), and thus, Android devices have become the choice of people surpassing Windows, Symbian, Safari and all others. There is the huge influx of Android apps in the digital market these days, which is being added by new entrants daily.

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