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So you got your computer sprinkled with Microsoft’s magic dust? Good! Although it is a bold move for a company that has had the reputation of taking old parts and painting it new, the ‘new’ is quite an improvement. But even a die hard Windows fan is going to experience vertigo with Windows 8’s interface.

Before you get used to your new operating system and before you get out of that love-hate relationship, here is a list of ‘things’ you can do.

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In the business place there is often a requirement to host large meetings involving a large number of employees, but gone are the days when you could feasibly take half of the office on a road trip to meet a supplier or potential new customer. With the cost of fuel ever rising and the need to tighten the purse strings not changing in the near future, conference phone technologies have proven to be an ever increasingly popular solution.

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So you’ve had that old land line for a long time now, and it’s time to scout around for a replacement. Just a cursory glance at what’s on offer will reveal that it’s a battle royal between the corded phone and its upstart rival, the cordless phone.

Here are five reasons why you should make the change to a cordless phone in your home.

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Christmas presents are getting more and more “high-tech”. If you are also going to invest in gadgets this festive season, here’s the top five gadget list you can choose from, depending on your holiday budget.

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The term tethering refers to the act of connecting one device to the other device. In context of mobile phones tethering enables sharing of the internet connection. The connection of the phone is shared with other devices like laptops. The connection of the phone can be established with other devices in the following ways.

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Long battery life is the most important feature that is expected in any phone. A phone might have a fast processor, high pixel camera, latest operating system and the like, but a phone which delivers long battery life and can withstand phone operations almost an entire day is what many people prefer. Smartphones which can perform multiple functions definitely require a long lasting battery. Take a look at the list of phones that have a remarkable battery life. If you want to increase your laptop battery performance, check How To increase Laptop Battery Performance.

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This article covers five apps that will help a college student to really get ahead. One of them is a calculator app that has all the functions of a very expensive calculator, one is a schedule organizer, one is a project organizer, one is a note taker and the other is a flash card creator. These apps comprise and complete a set of tools that all college students can use to get ahead and make their lives a little easier.

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