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Smartphones are arguably the most powerful and convenient mobile devices. Unlike tablets, the gadgets can make calls and send messages without third-party applications. The correct accessories from major retailers like Newegg can increase the functionality of smartphones and make them best consumer electronics on the market.

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Looking to create a timeline for a historical event or want to highlight any event in PowerPoint slide in the form of a project milestone? If yes, is your answer, then read the following article since it is going to assist you in a highly professionalized and effective way.

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You have a Facebook page for your business and you’re trying to squeeze in some time amid your hectic schedule to update status messages and post information about your business. Well, you can now update the status without spending time on it. Most of us have already tried using Social Oomph and Hoot Suite to schedule updates. The problem here is that Facebook shows which tool we’re using to schedule the update, and this makes it look unnatural, and the message we send looks less lively.

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Android is ruling the world and almost every other youngster is using Android enabled Smartphones. But most of these Smartphones are very expensive and cannot be afford by all the people. But the world d doesn’t end here because there are cheap Android Smartphones also available in the market for less that $200 and can be afforded by everyone.

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The two companies leading in the industry, the two companies known for their innovation and the two companies that are always compared! Apple and HTC have always released high-end products. The devices are instant hits and there are always people waiting in line to buy the devices on its release date. The name Apple and HTC are a force to be reckoned.

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Marketing and security go hand in hand. Without proper product information, security and batch number, you can rely on neither the product, nor its producer. That is why; the marketing usually gives rise to many complications in the process. Similarly, the product codes are defined in the form of QR coding so that the serial and the batch numbers can take care of the products. Apart from this, other useful information about the products is stored in the QR code formats to.

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This the season for Christmas carolers, rooftop lights, and gingerbread houses, but it’s also the time of year to rack up hefty bills on gifts and party dresses. This holiday season, don’t let your telephone bill take a chunk of money that you could otherwise be spending on secret Santa presents and Christmas tree decorations. 

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Recently, the University of California demonstrated a new technology that allowed test subjects to dial a cellphone using their thoughts alone. Wow, it really is the twenty first century, isn’t it? We are entering an exciting new phase in technological developments that all seem to be driven by the explosion of the mobile Internet, smartphones and tablets.

There is exciting new possibilities but they must come with questions, like “what’s the point?”

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