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Hello everyone . Just started to write in this blog . So today i will share something about SEO . I start with a post about it not show the full post on homepageOr put another way, because using post excerpts instead of full .

First I want to clarify which are the excertps. Are post short, reduced, an extract from the original post. Suppose that your post has 200 words, an excerpt or extract usually has 50 or less.

WordPress gives us the ability to display excerpts instead of full post but only in the feed. The option is in “read settings” (another day i will also speak about the use of extracts in the feed). But now to use excerpts in your main page you have 4 options:

Edit your theme and where it says:

[                 the_content ()                 ]


[                  the_excerpt ()                 ]

or directly using a theme that already use this function 
or use a plugin, there are many, you search for them or you can also use the manual option to insert the code ‘more’ that surely everyone knows.Why not show the full posts on the homepage excerpts.

  • Advantages of not showing the full post on the homepage

Surely there will be more advantages, but I can think of 3 right now and very interesting:

  1. Speed ​​up site load
  2. You can improve SEO
  3. You can increase your visits

Explain each one.

  • Improve site speed
"Wordpress SEO tips"

The site speed is improved because if you showed before 5 full post on the cover page html document that was something heavy, if now only samples 5 excerpts from the document then post weighed much less. Besides that no images will bring, or will make calls to load videos from youtube, fewer calls to the database, etc.. In summary a lighter place.

  • You can improve SEO

If you show all the post on the cover will happen you’ll have the same content on 2 pages (at least): the cover and the page of the post. That is duplicate content and is punishable by google and other search enginesThis would be enhanced if:

  • on the cover a few post samples because the less post show it will seem more content
  • if you go too long without updating, then google cease to understand that the cover is a page that is updated often and see the pages even more equal.

Now, if the homepage is updated frequently, these problems do not occur and you do not care. But for risk?Why not show the full posts on the homepage excerpts.

Here is a video of people talking a little google on the issue of duplicate content and excerpts.


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If you are a Blogger you know how difficult it is to get comments on your Blog. More Number of Comments represents the popularity of the Blog. Every Blog owners uses various techniques to increase the comments on the Blogs and one of them is to install commenting plugins to attract more comments. Install useful Plugins so that Readers like to comment on your Blog. I have installed few plugins in my Discount Coupons Blog.

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With technology evolving at a tremendous speed the world of communication has gone through a radical change over the last few years. To make communication even more convenient and cheap the latest internet technology has been combined with the traditional telephone and this has given rise to Internet Phone. That means instead of using age old landline technology Internet Phone uses the broadband connection in the form of Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP and this makes the job faster, easier and cheaper.

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Are you a wireless internet user? How is your experience with using your wireless internet; are you satisfied or dissatisfied?

I specialize in helping people choose the best wireless internet providers for them, and I have learned a lot in the process. In this article I will be giving you a few tips to help you fine-tune your wireless internet for better results.

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Blog is useless if none can find it. What is the point in posting articles regularly on your blog if none turns out there to make a valuable comment that will act as an inspiration to continue your career as a blogger. The bottom line is that you need to generate traffic for your website otherwise, despondency is sure to engulf you.

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Research In Motion (RIM) has done an exceptional work by introducing its amazing tablet computer popularly known as the BlackBerry Playbook. The BlackBerry smart phones managed to create quite a rage in the market in the past year, this year BlackBerry has plans to do the same with its playbook. The BlackBerry Playbook has Apple’s iPad and many other Android based tablets to compete with in the global market. Playbook was introduced in April 2011; about fifty thousand playbooks were sold on the very day of its launch. Playbook could not get good reviews from the users, the sales dipped at a fast rate. In order to deal with this situation RIM has introduced several wonderful applications for making playbook all the more interesting.

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Very few bloggers, if any, would tell you they don’t know the importance of search engine optimization or SEO, which is always rewarded with high search engine rankings. SEO is a key player in blog promotion, but your efforts in building a great SEO blog might go unrewarded if the things I will be sharing in this article point to your blog.

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Securing your wireless network is one of the best security measures you can make to avoid losing your internet connection and bandwidths to the hackers. I have been experiencing some security challenges for the past few days now and that to research more in order to get the lasting solutions to how I can protect myself. That step I took made me understand some of the loopholes in the network security world in general and I am happy to share them with you. I have also used this technique in restricting hacker’s access to the internet access I am using for my gravity defyer and 48hourprint coupon and discount promotion blog.

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