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26th March is Independence day of Bangladesh. To celebrate this day you can add a WordPress plugin to memorize this red letter day. If...
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Website Defender WordPress Security is a great plugin which helps you secure your WordPress installation and provides detailed reporting on discovered vulnerabilities and how...
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If you are a Blogger you know how difficult it is to get comments on your Blog. More Number of Comments represents the popularity...
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Every blogger’s goal is to improve his site’s traffic. If you are getting enough traffic in your site, you can show the stats to...
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WordPress sites are increasing regularly. WordPress plugins make these sites more effective. Today I share a Newsletter Sign Up Check Box plugin by which...

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Stop Sopa Ribbon plugin adds a black ribbon with the words "Stop SOPA" at the top right corner of your website, linking to the...
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Now a days, a blogger needs to pass lots of time in blogging. After publishing an article, he has to share his article in...
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Dofollow blogs is important to get backlinks. Generally bloggers love to comment on dofollow blogs. They want to improve their sites backlinks by commenting...

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 Now a days, most sites are build in WordPress platform. Hackers also target these kind of sites. Protect WordPress From Hacker is one of...
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Nrelate Related Content plugin is one of the best way to display related content. You can show related content through thumbnails or text on...
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