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Now a days, a blogger needs to pass lots of time in blogging. After publishing an article, he has to share his article in all networks – Delicious,, Facebook, Foursquare, Gowalla,, LinkedIn, Myspace,, posterous, Socialcast, Sonico,,, Twitter, Typepad,, Yahoo Meme, Yammer etc. It sometimes make a blogger feels boring to do all these stuffs. But you can submit your articles in all these networks by a single click if you install Network Publisher Plugin.

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Comment is an integral part of bloggers life. Every blogger’s goal is to comment as many sites as he can (especially new blogger). But a new blogger doesn’t know the appropriate site where he comments or either the site will be helpful for him to comment.

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Everyday new bloggers are included in blogging world. But most of them start blogging without knowing anything. I suggest every blogger before starting just know little bit about blogging then start blog writing. It will help a new blogger lot. He will get confidence.

Today I share some bad habits of bloggers which I see in lots of sites:

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