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Bloggers are working hard to promote their websites. Today I’ll share a website where you can submit your site very easily without any cost. It is a web directory site. Web Url List is a web based URL collecting Site. The only purpose of WUL is to collect URLs from World Wide Web. It offers complete Web Directory solution.

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If you don’t publish regular resourceful content, new visitors will leave your site for ever. It is harmful for site’s development. Now this world is dominated by social network – facebook, twitter, Google Plus etc. So it’s important to update your site regularly. But it’s not possible for everyone to publish creative content regularly.

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Once at a time we don’t get update news quickly. It takes time. We have search for newspaper. But the news are old mostly yesterday. But things have changed now. We are getting breaking news by blog, forum sites, Facebooktwitter etc. This change will help blogger to make remark in a better way.

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We have passed 7 months in 2011. Blog passed a generation in 2010. Many new bloggers joined in 2011. New theme also added with new subject.

What is your thought about blogging in this year? Are you thinking something new rather than only writing article? Or you are feeling bore about blogging.

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If you want to become a blogger, it is high time to start. Sometime many new bloggers passed lots of time on researching, planning before start blogging.

My suggestion is that STOP THINKING, START BLOGGING!

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Welcome to the world of Techdesighn! Prepare yourself to discover new site where dedication is ours & love is yours. Human beings are always quest on thirst to get new information on tech world. Techdesighn has future vision. This site will give you proper guidance for upcoming bloggers, update technology stuffs, google gadgets, new software & website review, user guidance of Google Plus & Facebook, tips & tricks about PC & mobile phone, famous bloggers interview, history of technology etc.

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