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Pahela Baishakh is the first day of the Bangla year. Pahela Baishakh is celebrated in a festive mood in Bangladesh. It is a national holiday. Pahela Baisakh starts on April 14. This new year is 1419.


Pahela Baishakh started from Akbar’s reign. It was customary to clear up all dues on the last day of Chaitra. On the next day means on the first day of the new year, landlords entertained their tenants with sweets.

The main event is to open a halkhata or new book of accounts. In villages, towns and cities, traders and businessmen closed their old account books and opened new ones. They used to invite their customers to share sweets and renew their business relationship with them. We still see this system in jewelers shop.

On this occasion, Women wear white sarees with red borders and beautify themselves with flowers and tips. Men wear white pyjamas and kurta.

Most people start the day with the traditional breakfast like panta bhat (cooked rice soaked with water), green chillies, onion, and fried hilsa fish.

It is such an exciting day all over Bangladesh.

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To enjoy this day with bloggers, Sinbad Konick build a plugin – Pahela Boishakh Ribbon Plugin. A beautiful Pahela Boishakh picture will be added in your site which will give a dynamic outlook in a WordPress site. It supports latest verssion WordPress.  It is specially made for Bangladeshi people. I hope you can enjoy it.

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Download link: Pahela Boishakh plugin

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  1. I have seen my friend put up this plugin. I think it’s cute. I really love looking at patriotic/culture-related tweaks on people’s blogs.

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