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Install WP125 WordPress Plugins To Show 125×125 Banner Ads

 (125×125 ads) has become the most popular ways to show ads in websites. Most bloggers love to add in their sites. Also this ads style attracts the readers & everyone.

If you make 125*125 ads space manually, it’ll be time consuming. With smart, easy features, WordPress plugin will help you manage the advertising more effectively than manually editing code, leaving you with more time to write new posts.

"Wordpress SEO tips"


WP125 is a WordPresss plugin for easy management of 125×125 ads on your blog. Ads can be run for a specified number of days, and will automatically be taken down. Track clicks too.  The plugin adds a new “Ads” menu to the WordPress admin, featuring submenus for tweaking display settings and adding and removing ads. (Read: Protect Your Blog Articles Copying By Copy Protect Plugin)

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 Features :

  • One or two column ad display, and support through template tags to implement your own unconventional design.
  • Show as many ads as you want, and in either manual or random order
  • Keep track of how many times an ad is clicked
  • When creating a new ad, you don’t have to calculate the end date yourself. Just input how many days you wish the ad to run for, and the correct date will be applied. The ad will be automatically taken down when the time comes.
  • When an ad run is over, the record is archived on the Inactive ads screen, so you can check on the final click count, or revive the ad for another run.
  • When an ad slot is empty, a placeholder ad of your choice will be displayed. This could be a “Your Ad Here” image linking to a page with statistics and pricing, or an affiliate link.
  • Optionally receive email notifications when an ad expires. Useful if you send follow-up messages to advertisers, or if you just want to stay in the know.

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Requires: 2.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.3.2

Last Updated: 2012-4-25

Downloads: 252,311

Download Version: 1.4.3

Download Link: WP125 WordPress Plugin 


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