How To Know Which WordPress Theme Used By Other Sites

How To Know Which WordPress Theme Used By Other Sites

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WordPress is the most popular platform for bloggers. The popularity of WordPress is increasing day by day. All love to develop websites with WordPress platform.


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Everyday new developers are building WordPress themes as well as plugins. It has a good market too.

When we see a new WordPress site, we have curiosity to know which theme the site use, which popular plugins the site installed.


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Today I’ll share a special site by which you can know what theme the site use & what popular plugins are used by that particular site.

At first, go to What WordPress Theme Is That .

In the blank box, write site link.


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For example, & click Check Site.

In a min. you’ll see details of themes & plugins.


You’ll see theme details:

  • Theme Name
  • Author
  • Author Homepage
  • Description
  • Theme Screenshot
  • & popular plugins added in site.


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