Features Of Latest WordPress Version 3.3

Features Of Latest WordPress Version 3.3

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WordPress launched latest version 3.3 on 12 Dec. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. It develops lots of user friendly features in this new version. 22% bloggers use WordPress as blogging platform.

Here are new WordPress 3.3 features:

Easy Navigation: It includes new and improved user interface features and a shiny new drag-and-drop image uploader & a new toolbar, menus that allow users to hover the cursor over them from navigation help, and a Tumblr importer.

Responsive Layout: This is really just setting the groundwork for a fully responsive layout, which is expected in version 3.4. But in WordPress 3.3, the left side menu automatically collapses on smaller screens.

Postname Permalinks: Before you had to set /%postname%/ as your custom permalinks setting, but now it’s a selectable option. More importantly, performance issues have been fixed, so this setting is now usable for sites that have a large number of posts and pages.

jQuery 1.7 and jQuery UI 1.8.16: Updated jQuery and now the full jQuery UI toolset are now packaged and ready to be enqueued in WordPress 3.3.

WordPress Editor API: Plugin developers can now customize the post editor, including the TinyMCE buttons. You can even add additional editors.

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