Why You Start Blogging

There are some reasons to be a blogger:

  • To build career in blogging
  • To become famous in online world & offline World


To build career in blogging:

If you have a site it will help you to built career in blogging. You can do blogging besides your job. So you can earn from both sides. You don’t need to give much effort in blogging like your job. So anyone can take it as second profession.

To become famous in online world & offline World:

A blog helps you online presence to the world. When you want to know about a person you search in Google about that person. Bloggers are also like that.  When your blog gets rank in Google you will impress everyone through blogging. If you are lucky enough your name (author of the techdesighn)  will be in the search engine ranking list.


How Blog Will Help:

A blog is good for marketing yourself & marketing your article.

A blog gives you visibility in the public world.

A blog shows your performance, skill, ability, wisdom & knowledge.

Practice makes a man perfect.  A blog helps you practice regularly.

Finally a blog helps you to interact with new people & increase network.


These are some points which you’ll gain through blogging. I hope you know more points. Lets share your view  🙂

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