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Baidu is famous Chinese language search engine. You can search websites, audio files, and images in Chinese language by Baidu. According to Wikipedia, Baidu indexed of over 740 million web pages, 80 million images, and 10 million multimedia files. Recently, Baidu released its low-cost smartphone, Changhong H5018 – which has lots of latest smartphone features.  It has 100GB cloud storage.  The price is 899 yuan ($142).

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So bloggers need to submit their sites to Baidu search engine too as it is a popular search engine among Chinese people. Today I’ll share how you can submit your site to Baidu search engine.


Go to BAIDU Search Engine


I suggest you browse Baidu site from Google Chrome.

When you browse from Chrome you’ll see Chinese language during visiting Baidu Search Engine.

Click Translate. It’ll be immediately converted to English language.


According to Baidu,

A free visit the website need to be submitted to only one (Home), Baidu search engine automatically included pages. Meet the relevant standards of the URL you submit, and acceptance criteria to be processed in a Baidu search engine. Baidu does not guarantee the collection of the website you submit.


Now add your site link & type the password added there.


In a second you’ll get confirmation message.

The success! Thank you for your attention and support on Baidu!

Mission accomplished




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  1. Hi Ahsanul,
    Great information. I have submitted my site. Thanks for sharing this information.


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