Productivity VS Creativity of Blogging

Productivity VS Creativity of Blogging

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If you don’t publish regular resourceful content, new visitors will leave your site for ever. It is harmful for site’s development. Now this world is dominated by social network – facebook, twitter, Google Plus etc. So it’s important to update your site regularly. But it’s not possible for everyone to publish creative content regularly.


Productivity  means  work for a certain time. Professional web designers make new site design in a short time. How they do It? They have some preloaded tools & code which they use during their work. To make quick work you can also use some ready made software & tools:

To avoid database designing use CMS

To compose single or multi pictures use editing software.

Use software to edit mistakes

Texture, icon, logo, font, templates, gadget, plugins should be saved in hard disk. So it will be helpful in future use.


Success doesn’t come quickly. It takes time. If you think about scientist you can understand better. A research come to success after long long time. There is a certain difference between creativity & productivity. A productivity person calculates his work by time frame but a creative person doesn’t think like that.  They choose special place, time , situation for research & continue research step by step to achieve the goal.

[pullquote]Is the productivity dominates creativity? Or Is the creativity dominates productivity?[/pullquote]


What will be your topic & process of writing topic in blog? Lets explain here

1st you decide about the topic.

Think deeply about the topic. If you work in office you can think during interval or lunch break. Sometime alone place gives better idea.

Compare your related topic with other sites

Then start writing. You can write full article at a glance. Or you can take time.

After completing writing whole article add pictures, link, tag & check grammatical & other errors. Finally publish it.

I hope this article will be helpful for new bloggers who want to achieve their goal in a proper way. Happy blogging 🙂



  1. Productivity and creativity go along together if writing is your passion. Some people say that productivity dominates creativity but in some cases, it doesn’t. They actually go hand in hand. I know one person who can create creative article without sacrificing his productivity. He’s really skillful and talented. I guess not all people are skillful as he is.

  2. Thanks for taking time for sharing this article; it was excellent and very informative. Though you make some very fascinating points, you’re going to have to do more than bring up a few things that may be different than what we’ve already heard. Continue with the great work on the site. Thank you

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