Got Google Page Rank 2 Got Google Page Rank 2

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Eureka! My joy knows no bounds. After 8 months of blogging techdesighn got Page Rank 2. It is hard to get Google Page Rank at first but once you get it is easier to adjust with blogging world.

"Google Page Rank"

There is a debate on Google Page Rank & Alexa Rank. Which one is better? I think for a site owner both are important. We can’t ignore Page Rank as well as Alexa rank.

But it is true that advertisers give priority to a site which has Alexa rank below 100K. Again, when you want to sell your site, Page Rank brings great influence. A high Page Rank site like 4 will get good attention than a site which has Page Rank 2. got PR 2 in May 2012 update of Google PageRank. I started Techdesighn on 30th August,2011.Β  My first post on Welcome to World.

"google page rank"

There are lots of sites by which you can check Page Rank:

Page Rank checker

Check Page Rank


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I will keep working and improving TechDesighn. Thank you all for being at and support me at TechDesighn.


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  1. First of all Congratulation. I think main factor is Traffic. If you want to sale your site then you buyers always want visitor rather than PR or Alexa.
    Hope you are agree with me. Right?

  2. Congrats Ahsan for PR 2. as when i posted an article on my site about pagerank n you commented that you are working for higher page rank n u finally achieved something…. I was not much onto internet as i had my final university exams for the past 1 month. But after it got over today i just came to know that there was a google PR update. I just rushed to see mine, never the less my site got PR 1 with sitelinks just in 4 months of blogging. I’m happy about it. I hope this initial rank is not so bad for a fresher like me into this wide bloblogging world.

  3. Hi Ahsanul Karim,
    It’s really wonderful to visit on your Blog. I visit & I found some interesting post on your Blog. Well I have a simple question to you related to Page Rank. I have been hearing next Google Page Rank will be update round June & July since Feb but still Google didn’t update Page Rank. Do you have any idea. When Google will update their next Page Rank.

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