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Once at a time we don’t get update news quickly. It takes time. We have search for newspaper. But the news are old mostly yesterday. But things have changed now. We are getting breaking news by blog, forum sites, Facebooktwitter etc. This change will help blogger to make remark in a better way.

[pullquote]Blogging & journalism are not same. But if you write well like a proper journalist you can still do better. Today I’ll share some thing that I found missing in most of bloggers writing.[/pullquote]


When we read the cover page of a newspaper we don’t get details of the news. It has stopped at a certain stage. This is important. A writer should know the proper place to stop. It should be either start of a jokes, story, humour, or a sudden feeling like that. Otherwise, the readers don’t bother to read next part of the article.


Represent the whole news  in a clear detailed view. It will help the reader to know proper scene.

Grammatical Error:

It is one of the most important thing for bloggers. If you think readers like to read only articles & nothing else, you are wrong.  Readers are very careful of reading your article. You don’t need to take proper care of personal blog but if it is global blog for international readers you will be so much careful about grammatical errors.

Be Neutral:

Most of bloggers write for a certain group. For example, certain community, certain political party or certain religion etc. You can be Christian or muslim. But when you writing blog, you should be neutral. You should judge the proper situation first then write in a neutral manner.


Publish right & exact news. Don’t publish a news that is from unknown source. Wait for sometime. Confirm the news & then publish it. Sometimes a false news gives bad effect to society.


I hope if bloggers follow these advice they will be good reporter too. Hey guys, do you think I am missing any information? 🙂

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