How To Get Backlinks By Comment

How To Get Backlinks By Comment

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Comment is an integral part of bloggers life. Every blogger’s goal is to comment as many sites as he can (especially new blogger). But a new blogger doesn’t know the appropriate site where he comments or either the site will be helpful for him to comment.

Today I share some basic tips on comment to get good backlinks.

Can you imagine how many sites are there in web? It is infinite. So in order to get backlinks we can’t comment in all sites. But there are some appropriate way to comment related to your sites. (Read: Bad Habits Of Bloggers)

1st process:

Go to Google search.

Write inurl: blogging tips “leave a comment”- “comments closed”

Here you can add anything instead of blogging tips. When you write comments closed, all sites where you can comment will appear.

2nd Process:

Go to Google search.

Write inurl: blogging tips “leave a comment”- “must be logged in”

Here you can add anything instead of blogging tips. When you write must be logged in, all sites where you can comment without logged in will appear.

3rd Process:

Go to Google search.

Write: blogging tips + blog

Here all blogging tips related sites will show. You can add anything which you want to show instead of blogging tips.

These are the 3 process here I add. You must remember that you need to comment similar content sites related to your site.  It also helps you to bring traffic.

All these tips I added here are from my practical experience. If you know any other tips share with us. Don’t forget to participate in the contest – comment n win


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  1. Very good tip about finding blogs where comments are closed, it saves a lot of time. Also if you want to get referral traffic, it is useful to comment on related blogs, if you want more SE traffic, things may differ.

  2. I’ve always thought that I was fluent with google, but your little search query trick has never came to my mind. Well done Sir!

  3. Great article. People really need to utilize the resources you gave. I have used a couple of backlink services and my ranking drop big time.I certainly will be using them. Another great way to get great back links, it to leave comments on peoples blogs. Thanks again for the great resources,

  4. Good advice guys, blog commenting is a simple way to get anchored backlinks to our website. However, the blog comment must provide value to other readers.

  5. Well this is really useful information.While searching for blogs to make comments,the results mostly shows the homepage of the site,so it would be difficult to find the URL of the posts page.But these tips would help to find the exact information we need,thanks for sharing.

  6. It is sometimes very difficult to find backlinks. Quality backlinks are so much important to get high ranking sites. It was nice to read your post. I gathered some good points here. I would like to thank you with the efforts you have made in crafting this great article. 

  7. Brilliant article! Blog commenting is really a powerful seo tool. And I absolutely agree with you. Certainly no-follow links play a great role in building backlinks but it’s always better to find one quality resource where you will be able to leave a dofollow link.

  8. You are right we have to use Proper Backlink for Blog Commenting. It really nice blog proper backlink building through blog commenting. I like this blog. Looking forward for your post.

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