Bad Habit of Bloggers

Bad Habit of Bloggers

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Everyday new bloggers are included in blogging world. But most of them start blogging without knowing anything. I suggest every blogger before starting just know little bit about blogging then start blog writing. It will help a new blogger lot. He will get confidence.

Today I share some bad habits of bloggers which I see in lots of sites:

Title written with lots of keywords:

It is true that keyword title is important for Google Search Engine. But you also remember that a title written with lots of keywords doesn’t look good. A keyword doesn’t represent good title always. (Read: Why you start blogging)

Content written with lots of keywords:

Writing a post with too much keywords doesn’t look good. But search engine loves this. Again using same keywords in the same article gives bad impression to readers.

Bloggers don’t use their name in comment:

It is a regular idea for bloggers to comment in others site with his site link/site name. Most bloggers use Blog Title as Name in comment. When you add Blog name in Name box it suggests that you comment only for promote your article nothing else. You can add blog URL in website but not in the name box. Now all comments are moderated by admin. So when he sees the site name in the name box, he’ll make it spam. So your comment will be vain.

I think many bloggers also get benefit by using these bad habit. But every blogger should understand which one is good & which one is bad. Have you different thought? Share your opinion


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  1. Hi Ahsan, totally on your side with the above. Most of the bloggers make excess use of keywords resulting in a tasteless and spammy looking stuff which never ends up getting regular visits. A quality blog always targets real users than automated bots.

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